After nearly two decades of work helping thousands of clients a year, Career Assistance Network has earned a reputation as one of Alberta’s most innovative and respected career and employment services providers. Whether you’re a job seeker, business owner, or service organization, we can help.

Employment Specialists


Career Assistance Network provides industry-leading career and employment services to individuals and organizations throughout Central Alberta by systematical identifying challenges and developing quality solutions that focus on producing real results for our diverse spectrum of clients.



Career Assistance Network offers a wide range of services for a diverse spectrum of clients. To find out how we can help you meet your career and employment goals, please check out the sections below that highlight our tools, resources, and various supports we offer.


The majority of our individual services are offered on a fee for service basis to the general public at both our Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House locations. Our individual services provide clients with an Employment Specialist who works one-on-one to develop quality, unique solutions to a wide variety of career and employment challenges.

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The majority of our career and employment workshops are offered free of charge to the general public at both the Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House Alberta Works Centres through funding by Alberta Human Services.

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The majority of our career and employment programs are offered free of charge to the general public at our Red Deer office through funding by Alberta Human Services and Human Resources and Skill Development Canada.

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The majority of our training services are offered on a fee for service basis to the general public. There are also possible funding opportunities through Alberta Human Services on a case-by-case basis; please contact our offices directly for more information.

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The majority of our employer services are offered to organizations throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta through funding by Alberta Human Services. We also offer a wide variety of employer services on a fee for service basis to deal with specific issues related to work force training, recruitment, and retention.

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Over the past 15+ years we have worked with thousands of job seekers and hundreds of employers and organizations throughout Central Alberta to develop quality solution to a diverse spectrum of individual and organizational needs. The following testimonials are just a sampling of what past clients have to say about the services they received from us.

  • “My Employment Consultant was helpful and professional without disrupting my employment duties, and continues to be a source of support for me. I will, and do, highly recommend this program to anyone I know fresh out of university that find themselves in the situation I was in.”

    Christine W. – Career Focus Graduate Placement Program
  • “I have been truly blessed to have this work placement opportunity as I have secured long term employment through the program. This placement program opened a door for me that I wouldn’t have been able to open on my own. I would like to thanks Career Assistance Network”

    Jared P. – Career Focus Graduate Placement Program
  • “I would like to sincerely thank everyone at CAN for their help getting me my tickets I need to start work in the oilfield. Without their help I wouldn’t have a clue where to start or who to talk to. They taught me the fundamental skills required to obtain a job in this booming field, without this program I wouldn’t have had a chance. They really put into perspective how a few simple steps can find you the job your really want to pursue.”

    Zane M. – Oilfield Boot Camp Program
  • “I took the two-week Oilfield Boot Camp program that allowed me to expand my knowledge in an industry I had zero experience in. I improved my interview skills, revised and rebuilt my resume and obtained five different certificates. I will forever appreciate and recommend the course to anyone in need of help getting started in finding a career.”

    Rebecca M. – Oilfield Boot Camp Program
  • “When I first met the people down at Career Assistance Network, I had not worked in over eight years! I felt like I had nothing to put on a resume! The task of trying to find a job seemed impossible and overwhelming. They helped me put together an effective resume, create an impressive portfolio and gain interview skills. With all the tools they gave me I was able to go out and find a job that later turned into a career. I have been successfully employed ever since and doing a job which I love. Thank you Career Assistance Network! I am grateful for your help!”

    Mickey W. – Resume and Interview Assistance
  • The contact with Career Assistance Network and their professional approach of a career lead the way for me to obtain several certificates and documents to add to my impressive portfolio. Through the various steps of assessment, research, and exploration I have developed the skills necessary to search for gainful employment. I highly recommend the services offered by Career Assistance Network and I was impressed by the personality and professionalism of the staff.”

    Myrna T. – Resume and Career Planning Workshops
  • “I wish to thank you and all those involved within Career assistance network, without your help I would not have the tremendous opportunity that I have today. Many thanks and well wishes.”

    Aime S. – Resume and Work Search Assistance
  • “I have know the Career Assistance Network staff for 11 years and have first hand knowledge of the excellent service they provided to the community of Red Deer. As a company they treat all individuals with dignity and respect and go above and beyond what is required to ensure the people they serve are successful. Career Assistance Network is well known in the facilitation of employment workshops, individual career counseling and job search and much more.”

    Lori M. – Service Provider, Catholic Social Services
  • “CAN employment programs has been very effective in providing us the opportunity to utilize these educated and skilled works to deliver high quality service to our customers in the Red Deer area. We look forward to the opportunity to utilize these services in the future as we strive to find the best candidates that are available.”

    Kathy K. – Employer, CBI Health Centre
  • “High arctic Energy Services has developed a program (Red Hat Program), which allow us to offer opportunities to those who would have very little or no previous experience in the Oilfield. It is through the partnership that we have developed over the years, as with the Career Assistance Network, that allows us to bring candidates into our Red Hat Program. I look forward to many more years of our partnership.”

    Bonnie S. – Employer, High Arctic Energy Services

Our team


Career Assistance Network has consistently recruited, trained, and mentored some of the most passionate and gifted Employment Specialist in the province who possess extensive experience in a wide range of sectors and industries including career development, social work, immigration, rehabilitation, government, and formal education.

  • Barb Sheppard

    Founding Director
  • Shaune Fandrey

    Managing Director
  • Aaron Sheppard

    Managing Director
  • Serena King

    Program Lead and Employment Specialist
  • Shannon Giesbrecht

    Program Lead and Employment Specialist
  • Shelley Pregitzer

    Program Lead and Employment Specialist
  • Tracy Houde

    Facilitator and Business Operations
  • Madison Fandrey

    Facilitator and Employment Specialist