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Rethink: Job Search

Looking for work in the current job market has become more and more difficult, with individuals taking on average between 20-30+ weeks to find their next job. Don’t worry, we can help.


We offer the FREE job search program to assist individuals to learn proven work tools and strategies to find work fast, with the least amount of effort. This program is broken up into four key phases, offered Thursday and Friday.


We have refined this job search system over the past twenty years, which has been proven time and again to help individuals of all different backgrounds to consistently secure new work opportunities, regardless of  boom or bust conditions within the economy.

Our current selection of workshops are profiled below:

  • Job Search Targets: Helping individuals learn how to understand the current labour market conditions and quickly brainstorm dozens of realistic job targets.

  • Job Search Techniques: Assisting to clients explore the most proven and successful techniques for finding work within competitive job markets.

  • Job Search Tools: Helping job seekers explore the most up-to-date trends and techniques related to resumes, cover letters, references, interviewing, etc.

  • Job Search Technology: Assisting individuals to identify and secure new job opportunities by utilizing some of the most innovative applications and technology breakthroughs available today.

We have offered these free workshops for the past twenty years to thousands of clients a year, helping people from all walks of life to quickly and effectively take charge of their career and find work that meets their individual needs. Find out how we can help you do the same.

Service Cost: Free  

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