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Simplify Training Series

Facing the reality of making a career change, brainstorming new work options, writing a professional resume, or even preparing for an onslaught of interviews, can become overwhelming for most people. Don’t worry, we can help. 

Every Monday we offer a FREE half-day ideal employee workshop that assists clients to understand exactly what employers are looking for in new hires in today's economy and how to quickly acquire these skills and abilities, in order to increase their ability to get hired.

Our current selection of workshops are profiled below:

  • Simplify: Social Media - Learn how to properly set-up and leverage your social media to enhance your work search and become more marketable.

  • Simplify: Technology + Applications - Explore traditional and emerging technology and applications effecting the workforce and learn how to develop related skills at low or no cost.

  • Simplify: Education + Training - Explore traditional and emerging education and training options, as well as low cost and no cost alternatives that will not put you in debt.

  • Simplify: LinkedIn - Learn how to properly set-up your LinkedIn to enhance your work search and make you more appealing to potential employers.


We have consistently helped thousands of individuals to research and upgrade their marketability with little to no cost, find out how we can help you do the same. 

Service Cost: Free  

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